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Icon360 Video Booth

When Your Guest Become Superstars


Got a special day coming up?

At KenKo Events, We Don’t Do Boring, so it’s only right that we offer the Holy Grail of Photo Booths. 


We know your guests are special, so it’s only right that we help you make them Superstars.  When they step onto the 360 Photo Booth Icon, they will feel like they are at the Center of the Universe as our mounted camera rotates around them in 360 degree slow motion. 


Supporting up to 5 people, your guests can pose, shake a tail feather or create whatever gesture they feel as the Icon 360 captures every frame from a rotating 360 degree angle. Creating only High Resolution Video, your guests can share the footage Instantly. If a Show Stopping - Jaw Dropping experience is truly what you are looking for, look no further and book today. 

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